Invivomon Inc. is a Carnegie Mellon Univ. spin-off that provides technological solutions to today's medical problems through embedded systems development. Our goal is to use the latest engineering technology to create robust, clinically useful tools that improve the quality of medical diagnostics available to physicians and treatment available to patients.

Our platform technology is based on continuous blood monitoring via intravenous microdialysis. This technology would eliminate repeated testing and allow continuous adjustment of metabolite or drug levels more smoothly, quickly and with increased safety. Unfortunately, there are factors that create variability with analyte level estimates obtained by microdialysis. Fouling of the probe, i.e., clogging of its pores by blood proteins or clotting, can decrease the recovery of glucose. Furthermore, hydrostatic or osmotic pressure differences between the microdialysis buffer and the blood or tissue being sampled will cause a net flow of fluid across the probe membrane (i.e. ultrafiltration or osmosis of water). Ultrafiltration into the probe will augment analyte recovery while ultrafiltration out of the probe will reduce recovery.

A fundamental requirement for microdialysis to become a clinical tool is that collected analytes truly reflect the composition in the blood. Invivomon is developing microdialysis technologies that will eventually lead to a medical embedded system with calibration, safety alarms, and wireless communication of analyte levels.